Delighting Mega’s Big Butt

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Megan is lying in bed with her huge ass facing up, and Yasmin enters the room and is mesmerized by the size and beauty of Megan’s ass. Yasmin approaches Megan who allows Yasmin to run her hands and appreciate her ass. Yasmin then gets interested in going deeper and kisses Megan’s ass which gets excited and Yasmin asks Megan to stand up, and then Yasmin approaches that huge ass and starts licking her delicious asshole, making Megan even more excited. And Megan, enjoying being licked by Yasmin, opens up several different positions for Yasmin to lick and fill her delicious ass, until Megan can’t take it and cums deliciously and Yasmin stays there massaging that ass while Megan relaxes on the bed. 

Rates : 6

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