Homemade Feet Domination Personal Slave Girl

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Karina Cruel makes some guava candy for her hot friend THAY FLORES and uses it as a pretext to have her friend at her feet. Her friend had always been curious about having someone at her feet, she thought Karina Cruel was powerful, and wanted to experience that feeling. And Karina Cruel set everything up perfectly, and in a totally homemade way she makes a movie the way she is in her real life. Karina makes her personal slave clean her friend’s house for her visit with the cookies she prepared. Karina Cruel makes her personal friend try the cookies on her feet, and then her personal slave kisses her friend’s feet, as her world’s experiment, podolatry. And he makes his slave to eat the biscuits he prepared at his friend’s feet. What happens to love having a slave at your command, cleaning up all the dirt with your mouth


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2 years ago

Karina is so ugly better for her to be slave


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