Performing My Fetish

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Kate goes to Penelope’s room and looks for something that could compromise the girl, and ends up finding some erotic toys that the girl had hidden. When Penelope arrives home, she finds Kate sitting on her bed with the objects in her hands, and Penelope, upon seeing this, becomes suspicious and asks what Kate was doing there. Kate responds that she wants Penelope to do whatever she wants or she will tell her stepmother. And Penelope, scared, ends up giving in to Kate’s fetish, who ties Penelope’s hands, lays her on the bed and starts kissing and caressing Penelope’s private parts, who at first is apprehensive but little by little she loosens up and ends up liking what Kate does. and the ending ends up being surprising


Rates : 3

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3 months ago

Outstanding! These two have great chemistry and their clips are always smokin.

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