Karina Cruel Rules: Jeans Headscissors Domination

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Karina’s slave is complaining about neck pain, Karina has a good massage for that, but she did not tell if it was to improve or make her worse, so she worsened the situation of her slave by applying many scissorholds on her head  leaving her Stunned with pain, she squeezes the slave and still headscissors on her body and trunk, she squeezed to Priscilinha.. Karina applies headscissors in her tight jeans and dominates the slave with her powerful headscissors moves she has learned for years,  This movie contains: Standing headscissors, bodyscissors, front headscissors and a lot of femdom and domination


Rates : 168

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5 years ago

would be nice to see bbw Joyce doing headsciccors with little Lindsey both naked and than a wrestling match

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