Kate Becker Sat On Slave Girl Face

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 Kate is lying in her bed, and feels a huge desire to play with her slave Thayzinha, and then calls her, and when her slave enters the room she says that Kate’s clothes are very ugly and Kate doesn’t like what she heard and tells her slave to lie down on the bed to take a closer look at her clothes and when Thayzinha lies down, Kate turns her back and gets close to the slave and sits on her face eagerly. Thayzinha struggles but nothing happens, as Kate continues to sit firmly on the poor slave’s face. Kate didn’t like her slave’s behavior and continues with the punishment by sitting on the slave’s face and this time she takes off her clothes and sits on her face and puts her pussy right on top of the slave’s nose. Kate is very bad and gives the girl no respite and changes position several times but always maintains her punishment and sits on the poor slave’s face. 


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