Kate’s Ass Squeezing Idiot Slave Girl

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Lindsey is lying on Kate’s couch with her feet against the wall, when suddenly, Kate walks in and sees the scene. Kate gets furious and soon scolds Lindsey, who doesn’t seem to care about what Kate was saying. Kate then decides to get revenge on Lindsey and says that since she’s not going to leave, then you’re going to be my furniture and I’m going to sit on you. Lindsey asks why Kate does that but Kate didn’t pay attention and sat on Lindsey’s chest and stayed there for a few minutes until she got tired and then she pulled her sofa further away from the wall and sat back down on Lindsey who was already running low on air in her lungs. due to Kate’s weight, who then turns Lindsey onto her stomach and sits again on top of the girl who was certainly already regretting having laid down where she shouldn’t have. And after the half-hour punishment Kate releases Lindsey who claims to have learned her lesson and would never lie down there again. 

Rates : 2

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