Lick All My Body Disobedient Slave Girl

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Karina receives a call from the school of Penelope, the school principal says that her slave is missing classes, Karina then uses this device to fuck and take advantage of Penelope, she tells Penelope that if she does not obey she will tell her boss that she not going to classes to stay arelax and masturbating at home, Karina feels desires for her slave and orders her to kiss and lick all her body, Karina delights in the tongue of her slave she has the huge tongue and leaves the body of Karina all wet, Karina and very perverse and fucks Penelope orders that licks her thighs, armpits, belly, legs, her breasts and her delicious butt, and a very erotic scene that will leave everyone with many desires for these two lesbians.


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3 years ago

Hot! More videos of body licking please! I want to see Karina licking the other girl’s stomach!

Last edited 3 years ago by duecie69
29 days ago

Hot and sexy! We all know Karina owns her.

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