Teach You How Fuck a Face With Facesitting

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Adriana Fuller introduces her new friend Amy Bristol she and a girl beginner in the art of face sitting with face fuck and Adriana will show her how to fuck the face of a useless slave, Jenifer is there in bed to serve both and Adriana starts rubbing herself  oe fucking with Jenifer’s face, she gets excited and rubs hard on the whore’s face, then it’s Amy’s turn to show that she’s being a great apprentice, she fucks hot with Jenifer’s face and gets very wet, Adriana now  takes care of the situation and applies a heavy squeezing on Jenifer leaving her in a panic but Adriana wants to reach orgasm and starts rubbing herself on Jenifer again until she gets a delicious orgasm, soon and Amy’s turn to reach a deep orgasm she is very sexy  rubs her pink jiven pussy on Jenifer’s face and has her first orgasm in a face sitting.


Rates : 225

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J. Roes
J. Roes
3 years ago

It’s so exciting to see milfs like Adriana Fuller facesitting submissive girls like these newbies Amy and Jenifer! Last month, I’ve found new videos with brazilian mature dommes that I never see before (Irma Dark, Barbara Bbw and Cinthia Amazon) with famous girls from KC cast like Manuela and Lindsey. So I thought: could you bring these milfs to work here? I hope you like my ideas cos I enjoy a lot your great milf videos, guys!


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