Two Dirty Girls Farting Dispute

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Manuela and Yasmin are going to have a big fart contest, they are excited and eager to fart, they both want to win this contest and the first phase is fart in jeans, and a competitive contest both high and strong farts after they put dress and the contest of phase 2 and farting with a glued dress, both have a good performance and it is difficult to choose the best farts bang the room and they have fun and feel horny at the same time, now the final phase and where we will see who fart with more power without clothes and now the contest is amazing Yasmin and Manuela fart very loud and strong and we are almost going to a draw but we leave that decision in the hands of you who will see this movie and thus decide who farts better.


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2 years ago

their farts are so juicy…!want to smell them…!

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