Licking and Worship Renata Colossos´s Huge Ass

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28 Minutes
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Yasmin has a huge craving for bbw, she then shows Renata her new hydrating cream imported from europe, Renata asks her to spread the cream on her big butt and Yasmin massages her huge butt, Yasmin can not resist and sticks her tongue into the ass of Renata she loved Yasmin’s hot tongue and asked her to continue because she got anal orgasms, Yasmin herself Deliciously with her huge butt in various positions adoring and licking this big tail and making Renata have anal orgasms with licks and frenzied tongue penetrations.


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  1. J. J. Lewis / 21/10/18

    This bbw ass licking video is so wild. I love it!!!

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  3. Big-D Dave / 24/10/18

    F*ckin good this stuff! Yasmin is a true ass licker expert! Anyone can see that she likes for real this job. And I would like to watch she licks Herminia’s big ass,.Is possible? Thks!

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    • KCadmin / 24/10/18

      Hi Dave, sure this will be very possible in a next films. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Mike Burnquist / 10/11/18

    After the debut of Renata in the KC Productions, a good step for this page would be contract the great bbw domme Barbara Colossues! She’s a veteran porn star, working at many pages and return to work at few weeks ago. Barbara’d worked in facesitting, farting, pussy and feet fetish scenes for many years! I’d like to watch she acting side by side with other great chubby matures from KC Films cast. Thank you, girls!

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  6. Anthony Grindelwald / 16/11/18

    I dont know who is Barbara, but if she is a fat mature dominatrix I agreed with you. If these women work together soon (ex. Joyce, Herminia & her), Im sure will be an epic o&y lezdom scene! And I’ll bring many new members for this great page!!!

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  8. eric / 20/11/18

    agreed 100 percent, the best videos feature bbws demolishing the small girls, HERMINIA on top of LINDSEY would be epic, need a lot more of these type of videos, definetly a demand for it.


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