Not Speak and Eat It!

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2 women lie on the bed in thong bikinis and high heel shoes, they kiss and masturbate. One of them calls her slave asking her to bring something to eat, the slave brings a small, thin roast chicken. They both get up and stand next to the slave and say that “This is not enough, and they ask: is this how you want to spoil us? This is more like a punishment”. They then get down on all fours on the bed and order the slave to lick their feet, and the slave then kneels down and starts licking their heels. Meanwhile, the 2 women take pieces of the chicken in their hands and nibble while they also kiss. Then they sit on the head of the bed and eat the chicken legs, while the slave licks their pussies. They eat and throw the bones in the slave’s face, tear the carcass and, finally, its wings. They both rub their chicken-slicked hands on their pussies for the slave to taste them, and then the women order the slave to lie down on her stomach, and sit on her face while the slave licks their pussies. And to finish, they spit in the slave’s face and leave, ordering her to clean up all the dirt. 


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