Not Touch My Phone

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Megan is having fun in her bed when her slave Yasmin enters the room and interrupts her saying she wants to use her cell phone to make a foreign call. Megan, upon realizing that Yasmin had called another country, became furious and decided to punish her slave and put her against the wall and rubbed her huge ass in her face. Then Yasmin lay down on the bed and Megan sat on Yasmin’s face so that her huge ass covered Yasmin’s entire face. Megan was very angry with Yasmin and sat on her face and rolled around to the point of grazing the poor slave’s nose, which left her breathless, but even so, Megan didn’t stop her punishment. And after a lot of sitting, rolling around and rubbing her ass in Yasmin’s face, Megan decides to dismiss her slave who stumbles away aimlessly. Don’t miss this KC October 2023 release!!!


Rates : 7

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