Passionate Long Kisses

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Lola is in her room looking at her cell phone and doesn’t notice Karina approaching behind her, Karina grabs Lola’s waist from behind and uses her other hand to cover her mouth with a firm grip. Lola gets scared and moans in fear so Karina says “sshhhh it’s just me my love keep your mouth shut”. Lola nods, her head still moaning in fear. Karina then takes her hand away from Lola’s mouth and grabs her face and squeezes several times, while she is still squeezing Lola’s face, she pulls her face and starts kissing her passionately and exciting Lola as she moans in pleasure kissing her back. Karina quickly turns Lola to face her and starts squeezing her face repeatedly with her dominant hand before pulling her down to kiss her some more. Lola grabs the back of Karina’s head pulling her hair, and grabs her face as well and starts squeezing it repeatedly as she throws Karina against the wall, and continues squeezing Karina’s face repeatedly while moaning. And suddenly Lola hears a noise and says: my friends have arrived, hide they can’t see her, and Karina hides behind the bed while Lola leaves the room.


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