Police Woman With Huge Ass In Bianca’s Face

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Bianca was cleaning her owner’s house, but what she did not expect is that security cameras see her stealing money, then the police officer Britney Hunter was called and caught the maid stealing in front of the cameras, she made a arrest voice but before that she applied a severe punishment on Bianca sat on her face and buried her inside her giant ass, the policewoman’s ass was huge and swallowed Bianca’s face which is malnourished and fragile, Britney practiced a face fuck and facesitting with her huge ass and finally masturbated sitting on Bianca’s face and in turn swallowing all the fluid of her orgasm.


Rates : 121

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2 years ago

Beautiful!!!! Britney Hunter is very sexy and has a stunning ass. Nice to see her cover the ugly face of the undernourished Bianca. For me Bianca is really bad and I like to see her submissive and dominated.

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