Relaxing My Huge Ass In Your Face

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Yasmin is lying on the side of the mistress Katherine, she arrives and does not believe what she sees, her slave lying on her new sofa, she then wakes up sitting on the slave, she wakes up scared and Katherine decides to punish sitting on her with all her weight on his chest and his head, Yasmin tries to be strong without showing pain but does not hold the face of suffering for long, Katherine wants to relax smoking her cigarette while making her slave suffer with the punishment of being a human sofa for her owner.


Rates : 440

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Phoebe Montgomery
Phoebe Montgomery
4 years ago

It was an incredible idea contract a chubby mistress like Katherine Ravena. She’s very beautiful and evil, but I would like to see more opportunities for veteran dominant women like Monique, Herminia & Barbara Colossues. They have many more experiences in brazilian lezdom movies. It will be so good for Katherine learn more when she works with them!

Bill Mcgee
Bill Mcgee
4 years ago

Hi, guys! Thanks a lot for bring veteran model Vivi Mel to work here. She has a large experience and I cant wait to see her, as a “slavegirl”, for mistresses like Adriana, Victoria, Katherine, Renata, Samantha, Joyce, Herminia, Barbara, Monique etc. A great choice you made. Thanks! Your friend, Bill.


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