Renata Colossos Huge Ass Crushing Weak Slave Girl

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Renata Colossos is training to be stronger and Lindsey mocks her for being fat, Renata is 120kg and will give a severe punishment on her slave, will make her feel all her weight in her fragile body, Renata sat over her face and  the slave goes into despair because Renata and very heavy and knead Lindsey with all her weight and squeezing her face and body without mercy, Lindsey looks despair and Renata loves to see it because it is a sadistic bbw woman.


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Don M Erdelyi
Don M Erdelyi
3 years ago

It’s a huge pleasure to see Renata Colossos & Lindsey return to work! If possible, we’d like to find new scenes with Penelope and Demmy workin’ with fat matures like Joyce, Barbara, Zara, Herminia or anyone looklike them. Thanks KC!

2 years ago

I wish my mom was the slave girl

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