Squeezed Under Ruby Huge Ass and Ballons

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Thayzinha inflated several balloons and placed them on the bed to have fun, but she didn’t count on the fact that her owner would arrive right at that time and would be furious because Thayzinha took her balloons without her authorization. So Ruby decides to punish Thayzinha and climbs onto the bed, orders Thayzinha to lie down and Ruby sits on top of Thayzinha and orders her to inflate the balloon. And then Rubi places the balloons on Thayzinha’s belly several times and sits on top of them until they burst at the same time Thayzinha tries to inflate more balloons. And so was Thayzinha’s day of punishment, which ended up becoming a toy in Ruby’s hands. Don’t miss this KC October 2023 release!!!

Rates : 2

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