The Disproportional Fight

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indsey is napping, and when she wakes up she realizes that she is in a bed without her clothes. She despairs when she realizes that a woman enters the room and approaches her. Lindsey asks what she’s doing there, and the woman replies, “Today you’ll be my toy.” Lindsey asks how it got there and tries to run away, but in vain. This woman is very big and strong, and Lindsey is very slight and can’t get out of that woman’s hands. Lindsey is subjected to being a toy doll in the hands of this large BBW woman, who hugs Lindsey, bestows kisses on her cheek, and then squishes her between her legs looking like she will break her in half. She jokes and makes Lindsey her favorite pony climbing on top of her and Lindsey, tired of carrying the weight on her back, collapses with the big woman on top going to the knockout. Don’t miss this KC June 2023 release!!!


Rates : 18

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