Unsatisfied Sluts Kissing

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Veronica and Megan are drinking water and sitting next to each other and talking about how hot it’s been the last few days, and Megan asks Veronica if she thinks it’s too hot, and Veronica looks at Megan and takes a sip of water. water and says yes but that the water was not satisfying. Megan asks why and by the look in Veronica’s eyes she realizes that she received a hint and calls Veronica naughty, and Veronica laughs and says that she didn’t say anything much, and asks Megan if she doesn’t want to either, and Megan says yes, just a little . And then Veronica approaches Megan and puts their mouths together and they kiss deliciously. This kiss will definitely be one of the hottest you’ll ever see. . 

Rates : 2

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