Useless Karina’s Foot Slave

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Karina is sitting and smoking a cigarette and calls her slave Thayzinha, and when she arrives Karina orders her to smell her feet, but the slave with disgust refuses, and an angry Karina tells her to smell her shoes first and then hers feet and slaps her face. And Karina again tells her to smell her feet and again the slave refuses, and then Karina tells her to undress and lie on the floor, and climbs on top of the slave trampling her belly, breasts and face. Dai Karina asks: Do you want to suck my feet now? And the slave answers yes, and then Karina puts her foot in the slave’s mouth who sucks with pleasure, but Karina is relentless and defers slaps in the face and after having what she wanted from her slave, she sends her away. 


Rates : 12

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