Female Domination – Total Domination

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Kate invites her friend Marlene to punish and dominate her personal slave, they start with a ponyplay session with slap in the face, then they put her on the wall and begin to slap very hard on her face, and a real squeeze in the face, they increase the punishment and begin to beat in their stomach and belly, they do trampling, they spit in the slave’s mouth dominating severely, it pulao in its belly to destroy, it sits and with its ass and pussy sweaty and stinks, and at last fart in her face and order that the slave idolatre and adore the delicious big ass of these two wonderful dominatrix.


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6 years ago


the last fart on the trailer of this video is exactly what fart fetish videos should be filled with.
hot, wet, long, nasty farts.
it would be even better if the slave showed enjoyment and ate the fart but its amazing anyways.
what is the name of the mistress farting in the trailer??

4 years ago

Quand l une vidéo avec tay et demmi qui piétinent? une esclave en tout cas j’espère que Karina cruelle va faire une vidéo avec ces actrices bisous.

3 years ago

hi added videos armpit hairy sweaty licked and burp face and strapon and spitting.
very thanks

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