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Herminia invited her friend Joyce to visit her house, she invited Joyce to kiss her, Joyce found herself trying to kiss a friend, but she wanted to see how they kissed her with passion and with many tongue sucks between them, Joyce takes some strawberries kitchen and leads to the sofa for a delicious play with kisses and strawberries, they continue to kiss and are in love, it seems that after these kisses both want something more than hot kisses.


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  1. Pervertguy_Sam / 07/09/18

    Hi guys! Wow, a incredible (and sexy) scene is this! Its a amazing opportunity to watch two beauty ssbbw gradmas enjoy each other.In a next movie, what about one of girls from cast (Lindsey, Yasmin, Demi or Penelope) get humiliated, spit, facesit or asslick both fat mature dommes in same video? No doubt, will be one of greatest moments from this site! Bring more soon…

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  3. bill carter/FAT.ASS.LOVER / 07/09/18

    Good project, Sam! And would be a little more nastier: one of matures brings a fragile thin girl from other room, force to kiss and lick every part of other ssbbw grandma’s body:starting to lick feet and up til tits & armpits, after this the big mature spits on girls mouth, kiss a little and forces her to lick pussy and ass on couch. A good example for this work is the Natalia & Lindsey video, i love that scene! Thank you, friends!

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  5. Neil W. Berg / 14/09/18

    Crazy hot scene, man! Never see nothing sexy like this w/ chubby latin older women before. Joyce and Herminia are two delicious ssbbw grandmas! I’d love to lick both big asses & tits. We need more videos with fat brazilian matures like this. Listen our desires, please! Thank you, guys & girls!

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  7. Lee Morgan / 21/09/18

    Its a huge pleasure to see Herminia back to work (she’s a veteran from brazil lezdom fetish sites) and debut here. We wait for the two grandmas workin’ together soon. Thank you, babes!

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  9. Fred Romano / 04/10/18

    An amazing scene! Will be there a “Part. II” with this two grannies naked and licking each other? If Ok, I will wait for more girls. Love your videos!

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  11. eric / 25/10/18

    i can t understand why they don,t make more videos featuring these huge women dominating thin girls like Lindsey and demi, etc. on clips 4 sale they are always top sellers, HERMINIA destroying Lindsey would be incredible, seems like our requests fall on deaf ears sometimes.

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    • KCadmin / 26/10/18

      Hi Eric, thanks for the comment, the problem are the girls, NOT ALWAYS ARE AVAILABLES, they are traveling and we cant hire. But we always have in mind our custoemrs requests, we hope you like our next update. thanks

  12. Will Levin / 10/01/19

    So sad this page hasn’t another scenes with these two chubby grandmas…

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  14. Sik Viktor / 16/01/19

    In my opinion, I’ll like to watch Herminia using whips, chains, electric toys and, of course, sitting (farting and licked, if possible) on girls’ faces. Its very rare to find a gray haired woman like a lesbian dominatrix in fetish sites, less yet if is older and fat like her. I know her from other pages and like so much your videos. A kind of grandma that I’d love to be your slave! Thank by your attention, Karina!

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  16. Lynn Ring / 24/01/19

    One of my favorites kind of porn: fat grandmothers in lesbian sex. In the world of euro porn lesbian sites and forums, grannies porn actress like Norma, Libby, Effie, Sila, Adela and Orah, are so very popular and has many fans! It’d be great if brazilian fat matures (like Joyce & Herminia) become famous like others above. Like a admirator, Im doing the best what I can to spread around, and pray for more material like this. Thank you, girls!

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  18. Bob.Keene / 16/09/19

    Awesome! One of best mature lezbo rendezvous that i see in the internet. These fat grandmons are a mighty thing that each mature/bbw_fan desires. You’re so lucky, guys! ‘cos you can watch many sexy lez-actions, like this above, so close! It never happens to me…

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  20. todd gruen / 20/12/19

    Hi, guys! I’m so glad to know that you’d contracted one of my favorites slavegirls: Vivi Mel. She missed for a while until you bring back her! I’m very happy, can’t wait to see more new videos with her performance. So exciting with the possibility of find Vivi licking or sniffing nasty asses from her old friends again: the chubby dommes Natalia, Monique & Barbara Colossues (same as these fat ladies above!). Great choice, guys! Thanks

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  22. Mike / 09/01/20

    Hi I would love love love to see Joyce and Herminia get there feet sniffed and worshipped by a small tiny girl and would love to see them fart all over her face and mouth. This would be a dream come true.


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